We believe that sharing a meal around a table is one of the most essential embodiments of what family and friendship is all about, and we take great pride in being able to craft a piece with such importance.

Each dining table and seating option is custom crafted to cater to the aesthetics and space of each residential and retailer we work with, which offers you the unique opportunity of partnering with us in choosing out the wood species, dimensions and design. We offer metal base designs or traditional wood bases that feature timeless joinery techniques that will ensure your furniture can be passed down to future generations. We work with reclaimed wood that is primarily sourced from Los Angeles County, domestic hardwoods like Black Walnut and White Oak, as well as California live edge tree slabs that have naturally come down.

Our 6' X 3' dining tables with steel base starts at $1500. For smaller tables or larger tables, the price will vary depending on wood species, dimension and design. Below you will find a sampling of our recent work.